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mural artist

Mural Artist

Mural Artist

Sean James is regarded as one of the very best Mural Artists in Staffordshire. Being a mural artist doesn’t just happen over night it takes years of practice and a keen eye which Sean James has both. Which is why there isn’t another mural artist that can draw and paint to the high standard Sean James sets himself.

There are many mural artist on the internet or shall I say there are loads of people that say their mural artists however some of them fall short of being able to draw a stick man let alone draw a and paint a full wall. These mural artists I refer to as chancers, they go in with a low price and produce a low quality mural. A good mural artist want be cheap, a mural artists work will reflect in his price Sean James normally works on a day rate, that way if you want an extra character or you want the wall mural to continue around the room abit more then its not a problem.

Custom Mural Artist

In the UK there are a few mural artists that can draw paint and deliver a very good finish but what would you call a good finish? One layer of paint or two well Sean James being the perfection mural artist he is normally layers four coats of paint on and that’s letting them dry first. Only an experienced mural artist would know to do this, as It brings out the colours more, and the tone of the custom wall mural or fantasy mural that Sean James will be painting.

Also any mural artist worth his weight in gold would only use the best paint on the market, Sean James uses Delux but many other mural artists would just buy the cheapest there is thinking that once its on its done its job. This isn’t the case a top mural artist will tell you the texture and the tone and depth of colour will make your work not only stand out but will make it last. A mural artist that turns up to your house with different tubes of paint and different makes your better off showing him the door.

Bespoke Mural Artist

A mural artist like Sean James will turn up see what colours are needed then always go out and buy fresh paint’ as and when needed, there will be no second hand tins used on your wall mural, reason being as sometimes the paint does vary only slightly so if you using paint that’s 1 year old from anther job, when you finish that pot and go and get another one chances are it will be just a tad off.

Again this hits home why Sean James is one of the top mural artists in the UK, Sean James takes his role as a mural artist very seriously as once you have agreed what you want and where you want it the last thing you want to be doing is having the paint peeling or flaking off your wall after 12 months. So if you want one off the UK’s best and well recognized mural artist then Sean James is it.

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