Children’s wall art


Children’s wall art

Children’s wall art

Children’s wall art is a specialty which Sean James a mural artist from Cannock, Staffordshire is more than capable off doing. Sean James perfection to detail makes him one of the leading artists in Staffordshire and the surrounding area. Children’s wall art is something that not everyone can do, ok there are a lot of mural artist out there that say they can do children’s wall art but how many can bring a wall to life with a children’s wall art that the children will just sit and stare at and show off to all their friends.

No matter what children’s wall art you wish to put on your child’s wall Sean James will come to the house, look and your designs sit down with you and the child or child’s that are having the children’s wall art done and he will plan the mural from start to finish, from where the best place would be to put the children’s wall art to the colours which do play a massive part in the process. Any children’s wall art must have the right colours if you paint to dark onto a wall the mural will be to over powering and dominate the room, and close the room in making the children’s wall art look to big, to large and out of place. Where as the same design drawn and painted three shades lighter will blend into the room.

 Custom Children’s wall art

Sean James was asked to design a nursery for a new born baby and the customer wanted a tree and some monkeys, they wanted quite a large tree for their children wall art, so Sean James picked a mural colour that was just a few shades darker than the wall and the results were outstanding. The customer loved her children’s wall art and the results spoke for themselves, now compared to other pictures on the internet where upon a tree is drawn in a nursery for the children’s wall art and it is a very dark brown, although the tree might look good it looks to ugly in a children’s nursery.

Bespoke Children’s wall art

The point being is if you are going to do children wall art in a nursery don’t be afraid to use soft colours something pleasing on the eye. As a lot off time will be spent in there by the mother. It has to be a happy and calm place, so the children’s wall art has to reflect that. However coming onto teenagers, children’s wall art, that’s a bit different a few nice streaks off colour and bold flashes added to their mural brings out their character of growing older. Give them a nice calm room and they will get ripped, by their mates.

So picking the right tone for a children’s wall art is crucial to any room you are working on and any children’s wall art you are working on, but that should not be your worry, as that’s why Sean James from Staffordshire is one off the best in the UK, at designing children wall art.


Children’s wall art

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