Children’s wall art


children’s wall art

Children’s wall art

Children’s wall art is a specialty which Sean James a mural artist from Cannock, Staffordshire is more than capable off doing. Sean James perfection to detail makes him one of the leading artists in Staffordshire and the surrounding area. Children’s wall art is something that not everyone can do, ok there are a lot of mural artist out there that say they can do children’s wall art but how many can bring a wall to life with a children’s wall art that the children will just sit and stare at and show off to all their friends.

No matter what children’s wall art you wish to put on your child’s wall Sean James will come to the house, look and your designs sit down with you and the child or child’s that are having the children’s wall art done and he will plan the mural from start to finish, from where the best place would be to put the children’s wall art to the colours which do play a massive part in the process. Any children’s wall art must have the right colours if you paint to dark onto a wall the mural will be to over powering and dominate the room, and close the room in making the children’s wall art look to big, to large and out of place. Where as the same design drawn and painted three shades lighter will blend into the room.

 Custom children’s wall art

Sean James was asked to design a nursery for a new born baby and the customer wanted a tree and some monkeys, they wanted quite a large tree for their children wall art, so Sean James picked a mural colour that was just a few shades darker than the wall and the results were outstanding. The customer loved her children’s wall art and the results spoke for themselves, now compared to other pictures on the internet where upon a tree is drawn in a nursery for the children’s wall art and it is a very dark brown, although the tree might look good it looks to ugly in a children’s nursery.

 Bespoke children’s wall art

The point being is if you are going to do children wall art in a nursery don’t be afraid to use soft colours something pleasing on the eye. As a lot off time will be spent in there by the mother. It has to be a happy and calm place, so the children’s wall art has to reflect that. However coming onto teenagers, children’s wall art, that’s a bit different a few nice streaks off colour and bold flashes added to their mural brings out their character of growing older. Give them a nice calm room and they will get ripped, by their mates.

So picking the right tone for a children’s wall art is crucial to any room you are working on and any children’s wall art you are working on, but that should not be your worry, as that’s why Sean James from Staffordshire is one off the best in the UK, at designing children wall art.


Children’s wall art

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Children’s Bedroom Wall Murals



Children’s bedroom wall murals

Children Bedroom Wall Murals

Sean James takes children’s bedroom wall Murals to a whole new level, honestly if you want a children’s bedroom wall Murals then you do not have to look any further. Sean James is the leading and if not one of the best by far children’s bedroom wall Murals artist in the UK, he is based in Staffordshire. He also covers the west midlands area and most of the children’s bedroom wall Murals he does centers around Birmingham, London and Manchester. For some reason children’s bedroom wall Murals is quite popular in Staffordshire, Sean James normally does, one children’s bedroom wall Murals a month within Staffordshire.

Children’s bedroom wall Murals is such an art Sean James will travel and he is normally asked to paint footballers children’s bedroom wall Murals, his list of A-list celebrities and footballers and the rich and famous is second to none. But it doesn’t say he wouldn’t do your children’s bedroom wall Murals as Sean James understands a child is a child no matter what back ground you come from and any children’s bedroom wall Murals he does is for the children, ok the adults pay for it but the client is the child at the end of the day. A children’s bedroom wall Murals Brings a child’s bedroom to life so its best to have what the child wants on the wall, as they will remember it for life. Even when they are older they will recall how they had the best bedroom ever, and if you let Sean James design your children’s bedroom wall Murals you will have the best children’s bedroom wall Murals EVER!

 Custom Children’s Bedroom Wall Murals

There is no one even close to Sean James within the Staffordshire area, or the west midlands area or even London for that matter of fact that can produce the excellent work and craftsmanship that goes into a children’s bedroom wall Mural. There is many children’s bedroom wall Murals that has the excellent quality of Sean James written all over it in the Staffordshire area. Staffordshire offers many talented and non-talented mural artists some are quite good however you do get what you pay for and if you pick one of the other artists within Staffordshire then you picked the wrong one. Sean James produces the very best children’s bedroom wall Murals and if you have got the money for the best then why not pay for the best. Living in Staffordshire helps Sean James go all over the country it’s a great central base. Most children’s bedroom wall Murals only cover their local area however this is not the case with Sean James he will cover the entire UK, yes that does include, England, Scotland and wales, that’s why Sean James is the best children’s bedroom wall Murals.

 Bespoke Children’s Bedroom Wall Murals

Sean James knows that it is hard to find a children’s bedroom wall Murals, or shall I put it its hard to find a decent one, and one that’s any good, anyone with an art degree can pick up a paint brush but does it mean their any good? A good children’s bedroom wall Murals, the talent lies within someone who can look at a wall look at what you want and then produce the best children’s bedroom wall Mural you have ever seen, and Sean James is that man.


Children’s bedroom wall mural

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Fantasy Murals


Fantasy Murals

Fantasy Murals

Fantasy Sean James is with out a shadow of a doubt one of the best fantasy murals artist of all time. There is no other fantasy murals artist that even comes close. Sean James detail is second to non and he can produce any fantasy murals to any degree and taste, be it a spaceship to an emerald forest fantasy mural Sean James can deliver. However where Sean James shines in fantasy wall murals is Marvel. Sean James can bring some of the best Marvel characters to life 3D straight onto your wall be it a boys or girls bedroom, an office or even cinema room they are all bespoke and original fantasy murals.

Fantasy murals take a lot of time and panning to get right, it isn’t just draw and paint there are many aspect, however when it comes to fantasy murals Sean James has a keen eye and fantasy murals are his favorite Sean James lives and breaths Marvel, so when he brings a character to life it isn’t just work for him its pleasures. And if you’re a Marvel fan great! Get the coffee on and Sean will sit down and design every thing from the planning to the drawing to the paints, and you can have an input from start to finish on any fantasy murals.

Custom Fantasy Murals

Sean James fantasy murals even stared on channel4 TV show, showing off his works as one of the best in the country, after appearing on TV Sean James work load and clients went through the roof as Britain’s top fantasy murals artist . The whole country could see just how talented and how his fantasy murals looked, and more importantly how life like they were. The fantasy murals Sean James has drawn have been for a Varity of clients from normal working class to high court judges, because for fantasy murals art there is only one place or shall I say one person to call and that is Sean James.

Sean James love for fantasy wall murals came from decorating his own sons bedroom first it was Ben 10 then progressed as he got older to Marvel, he wanted Thor on the wall which Sean gladly drew for him then he decided he wanted Hulk to be fighting Thor this was gladly done. Thor was stood upon a hand carved 3D rock, and Hulk hand a hand carved boulder that was being thrown at Thor and Thor’s Muscles and Hulks muscles were hand carved bring the characters out of the wall and if you thought that the fantasy murals couldn’t get any better Sean James threw some sound effects in.

Bespoke Fantasy Murals

Sean James made a 3D Thor’s hammer, which had 3D lightening which was carved out off the wall and then on the end of the hammer was a button which you couldn’t see with the naked eye, once pushed this was rigged up to a sound system in the ceiling and lighting box and lighting which was canceled in hand made cloud’s and thunder rang throughout the room. Followed by Odin talking on a pre recorded sound system the whole thing made the whole room impressive which is why it stared on Channel4 there is no other artist that goes as far as Sean James in this filed of fantasy wall murals.


Fantasy Murals

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Custom Murals

Custom Murals

Custom murals

Custom murals

If there’s one name in the business you associate Custom murals with its Sean James there is no finer custom mural designer than Sean James no matter what mural you are looking, be it tailor made or a custom murals then Sean James is the very best in the business.

If you are undecided what custom murals you are looking for then Sean James will take the hassle and stress out of deciding which custom mural to have. Just one simple call that’s all it takes and Sean James will come to your house measure up and then both parties will sit down at great length and go over which custom murals will work for you.

It isn’t the case of just turning up taking the first design that comes along and then putting it on the wall a lot of preparation goes into the custom murals design, how much light is in the room, what colour are already on the walls because if the custom murals that have been picked are to dark then the room will look small for certain custom murals. But just changing the colour a few shades lighter will make all the difference this is were Sean James expert knowledge comes into practice. As stated it isn’t as easy as just turning up draw and paint, to many people get it wrong when planning to do their custom murals.

Custom Wall Designs

Take for instants you have blue walls for a boys bedroom and say he wants a huge hulk on his wall for his custom mural. First off the colours would clash so the whole room would either have to be painted neutral or the colour blue swapped with a light blue then say the hulk filled half the room. The drawing you like might be from an artist that drews the Hulk very dark green, so we would have to just knock a few shades out of the hulk and make him a paler green this would not impact on the custom murals at all not one bit. Would you rather walk into your sons room with dark blue walls and a huge dark green mass on the wall ? This would close the whole room in and make it look smaller, where as a light pale blue and a light green will make the room look bigger and help the custom murals look elegant and easy on the eye.

Bespoke Custom Murals

There is so much to be taken in when planning a custom murals and the colours are just a few the other aspects of any custom murals is to know your limits. i.e. would that actually look good on the wall ? it might be a nice picture you have seen and your hearts set on it but will it go and does it fit will it make a nice custom murals. These are the first questions asked before starting any project. However never despair as even if the picture doesn’t fit we can alter it slightly or do extensive research until we find something that’s very similar to the custom murals you want. But rest assured your first choice can normally always be accepted but there’s no harm in looking at other options that’s why Sean James is the best customs murals artist around.

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Bedroom Wall Murals

Bedroom Wall Murals

Bedroom wall murals

Bedroom wall murals

If Bedroom wall murals are your thing, then look no further Sean James is the leading bedroom wall murals expert, consultant and designer. If your bedroom wall is in need of a mural then Sean James, bedroom wall murals expert, can transform any wall into a master peace. There is no bedroom wall murals Sean James cannot design. All it takes is one phone call and Sean James will come out measure the bedroom wall, look at texture and design the bet bedroom wall murals that your child has ever seen. The bedroom wall murals that Sean James design are 3D very accurate and make any wall come alive.

From start to finish you will be brought in on all the projects concerning the bedroom wall murals. In the design Sean James will go over what you are looking for, for the bedroom wall murals and getting the children involved in the bedroom wall murals is a must Sean James will sit down with them as well and listening in great detail about what they want on their bedroom wall murals as lets not forget who the bedroom wall murals are really for. The children have to be happy and excited about their very special bedroom wall murals as lets face it it’s the children that have to live with it.

Custom Bedroom Wall Murals

And lets not forget they are the ones that will be standing in the middle of their room with a smile as wide as barn door telling and showing their very envious friend all about their bedroom wall murals and they will be the talk of the neighbourhood town and county.

Why pick Sean James as your bedroom wall murals artist, well its simple just look at the bedroom wall murals he has designed he is very critical of detail of every bedroom wall murals he does, and the detail on the bedroom wall murals is second to none their isn’t any other artist of bedroom wall murals that even comes close. Most people just by the wallpaper with the bedroom wall murals already printed on it. But where’s the originality any one can buy the bedroom wall murals paper and put it up. But what if your neighbor copy’s you, £50 later and they have the same bedroom wall murals as your child.

Bespoke Bedroom Wall Murals

Bedroom Wall Mural

Bedroom Wall Mural

There is a reason people come to Sean James for their bedroom wall murals its because he’s an artist not a bedroom wall murals wallpaper hanger. Sean James can take at least 1-3 weeks designing, setting out, drawing, carving, molding and painting each bedroom wall murals. Each bedroom wall murals are hand painted and sculpted all by hand nothing is brought in, everything is hand made ensuring that your bedroom wall murals is the best on the market, unique and individually designed for you and your family. When the bedroom wall murals are finished and you look at then finished product you will realise why you picked Sean James in the first place as he truly is the very, very, best at children’s bedroom wall murals in the country.

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